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Prosper with good health and renewed hope for a life of Ebullience, joy and peace.

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functional living visits

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Studies have found that some of the ways red light wavelengths work to improve overall health include:

• Increasing energy levels by promoting release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from cells’ mitochondria

• Stimulating DNA/RNA synthesis

• Activating the lymphatic system, an important part of our immune system that helps carry waste out of the body

• Increasing blood flow/circulation, thereby helping bring more oxygen and nutrients to our cells and tissues

• Forming new capillaries (small blood vessels)

• Improving natural production of collagen and fibroblasts, important for skin care and joint and digestive health

• Repairing and restoring damaged soft connective tissue

• Stimulating or decreasing inflammation, which helps control our natural healing capabilities

• Lowering effects of oxidative stress/free radical damage, which is associated with many effects of aging

Functional Health Provider specializing in Healing Peace Hope Joy in Jesus name.


functional living visits

what to expect:


Through a 30 minute consult we can determine if we are a good fit for working together in a practitioner patient relationship.

Simple action steps

Focusing on bio-individuality, you and Stefanie will co-create a tailor-made plan with simple action steps to provide consistency and effective methods that support your life-style and health needs.

walking in newness

You’re now equipped with new habits, new mindset, refreshed soul, new perspective in how to approach challenges, new awareness of the authority you hold over your personal health.

Working with Stefanie has been a Blessing. She is amazing and really helps put things into perspective. I worked on myself a lot as far as my eating, hormones and mind body spirit balance. I really had to take a look at my life and put things in order to live a more balanced life and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the tools that Stefanie gave me. She was there every step of the way and was very encouraging and knowledgeable. I’m very grateful to her and highly recommend her services. In fact I’ve asked her to work with my family and friends since she has been so beneficial to my life.

helping you prosper with good health & a renewed hope for a life of Ebullience, joy and peace.