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Ebullient Living


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Text Ebullient Living to 559-206-3857 to get started.

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A Calling to Helping Others

Ebullient Living is an online platform where people can express their struggles and find the best solution from God's word. Ebullient Living is focused on God-centered living. Based in Coarsegold, California, Stefanie Graffigna provides online consultations to people across the US.

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Mission Statement

Listen up! This world 🌎 will never measure up to what God has promised us and the Sacrifice that Jesus gave for us on the cross. My Confidence has turned to GODFIDENCE💥

God called me to make an impact on the lives of many, no human or piece of paper is needed to Validate my actions. Who God calls God qualifies, you cannot get a higher honor nor does a piece of paper compete with that!

My intentions are clear: find the people that need God’s wisdom to apply in a practical way in creating habits to walk with Jesus EVERY day; heal the body by intentional actions of finding the areas people are malnourished and imbalanced; and teach simple habits, concepts and learned wisdom to nourish, balance and heal the bodies of many mind, body, and soul.

More About Me

Who am I ?

What I Offer

I am a mom of three, a wife of 21 years, and a nutritional coach for four years, along the way God blessed me by giving me a great opportunity as a doctoral student of mind-body medicine. I was living life with God on the parameters of my life not nourishing my mind, body, or soul with what it needed to function without flipping off autopilot. I have worked in western medicine for 20 years and I see firsthand that many patients come in for physical symptoms that are caused by soul malnourishment. I believe that God created our bodies with divine intention to look to him through the help of the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to navigate our whole body wellness. I cherish my walk with Jesus every day and through prayer, he has taught me how to suffer in the spirit by nourishing from the fruits of the spirit and surrendering my trouble to Jesus daily and creating new habits and mindset to align my actions to walk in God's will for my life.